The purpose of the Souda Bay Overseas Support Group (NSASB FRG) is to plan, coordinate, and conduct activities to support the NSA Souda Bay Family as a whole. Activities will be social, informational, care-taking and morale building in nature.


  • President: Jennifer Bauer
  • Vice President: Jenn De’Angelis
  • Secretary: Erin Chen
  • Treasurer: Andi Lindsay

Board Advisors:

  • Command Leadership Spouse (CO): Holly Tewell
  • Command Leadership Spouse (XO): Gina Rauchenstein
  • Command Leadership Spouse (CMC): Kim McDonough
  • Command Liaison: Kirsten Diller


  • Welcome Committee: Sylvia Hollenback
  • Social Media Committee: Joel Diller
  • Social & Recreation Activities Committee: Beth Delano and Kat Small
  • Fund Raising Committee: Darick Fisher