Summer Update

It is HOT, HOT, HOT! While summer here on Crete has been heating up, the Souda Bay Overseas Support Group has been busy with activities for its membership. As our group grows, we have already seen the way it is bringing people together throughout the base as the Souda Bay family strengthens and multiplies.

We had a great July meeting and are happy to share that the FRG now has a representative, Kristina Thorsten, who presents at the monthly INDOC course that takes place for sailors and civilians who are new to the base. We are appreciative of the time slot and would like to thank the command for its support! Help us to continue to spread the word of the Souda Bay Overseas Support Group to sailors, civilians and families alike!

We recently had a successful bake sale and BBQ to raise money for group activities and community outreach. The Fundraising Committee, led by Rob Genaro, did a fantastic job and raised over five hundred dollars for the FRG! If you are interested in helping with future fundraising please contact us.

Recently, our Charitable and Community Outreach Committee participated with the Social Kitchen in downtown Chania to provide a meal to those in need. FRG volunteers donated food and time to cook meals which were then served at the soup kitchen. Many thanks to Darik Fisher and his crew for their efforts!

Lots of ideas are in the works from the Welcome Committee, including setting up a ‘care table’ in the Air Terminal for those traveling to/through NSA Souda Bay. We will be seeking donations of travel toiletries at general meetings and will have a box in which to collect them. The care table will have small bottled water, snacks, simple toiletries and information on the local community and the FRG. If you are interested in assisting with this project, please consider joining the Welcome Committee. Our Welcome Committee continues to focus on welcoming newcomers to NSA Souda Bay in order to help ensure a positive, welcoming experience to the base and Crete, while also providing information to the many questions and challenges associated with living overseas.

As most have seen, our Social Activities Committee has been going strong! This committee is led by the very capable Andi Lindsay, who has planned and coordinated kids activities, Paint & Sips, karaoke nights, beach cleanups and more! Future events include wine tastings, scavenger hunts and a mystery dinner! How much fun is that?!?! If you enjoy planning and participating in social events and want to join the fun (and the committee), please get in touch with us. To find out more information on events, check out our Facebook group at Souda Bay Overseas Support Group.

Finally, while we’re having lots of fun this summer, we also realize that summer is a busy time with guests visiting and frequent travel. With that in mind, we have decided to forego the August meeting and resume our general meeting on September 12th in the regular meeting space of Building 49 training rooms. We will have a guest speaker at the September meeting and also be discussing activities for the upcoming Fall and Winter holidays. In the meantime, our activities and committees are still continuing throughout August so keep updated via our website and Facebook group.

See you around the base!

Your Souda Bay Overseas Support Group

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