Meeting Notes – 06/13/17

Hey there Souda Bay family!

On Tuesday, June 13th the Souda Bay FRG/Overseas Support Group held their second official meeting.

There were 20 enthusiastic individuals present, and we had SEVEN new members sign up!

This was the first meeting where we were able to introduce our informative guest speaker series. Our goal is to have guest speakers from the base and the local area at our meetings in order to educate our members on a variety of subjects. The topics will range from lessons on important safety tips for living here in Crete to informative briefings on raising children while stationed here (schools, flights, etc) to “what am I actually allowed to plug into the 220V plugs?” and much more!

Our guest speakers on Tuesday night were Mr. Charlie Comer, the base Emergency Management Officer, and Mr. Kevin Breitenstein, an EMT from the base Fire Department. They gave the group a lot of good information about how to best prepare for potential emergency situations/disasters specific to Crete and what to do if you have an emergency on and off base.

Be on the lookout for a breakdown of the lessons Charlie and Kevin taught us at the meeting! We will be posting it on the website soon.

Hope to see you guys at the next meeting!

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